OPENING GAMBIT: Patrick O’Riley and Richard Wells have been friends for nearly 15 years and MacGyver fans for nearly twice as long. Sentenced to work at the same Blockbuster in high school, they joined forces. In 2009, they dipped their toes in the podcasting world with movie trivia podcast Celluloidering and have since appeared as guests in numerous episodes of Cinemarathon, a movie marathon review podcast. As often as possible, they gather with friends for regular MacGyver nights which consist of binge-watching two or three episode chunks of the show chronologically. The natural culmination of these events was a podcast devoted entirely to the series we know and love.

MISSION: With this podcast, they intend to document, as thoroughly and entertainingly as possible, each individual episode of the show from beginning to end. No opening gambit left behind, no MacGyverism left unmentioned. The show will be punctuated with whatever cast and crew interviews they can scrape together with help from the internet. If you are a genuine fan of the show, you will enjoy this podcast.