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  1. Rita

    The skid hitting the eagle was good editing indeed. By the way, monogamy in animals usually means they only look for a new mate if the current one dies and golden eagles are the most widespread eagle species. I loved the sprint down the mountain but I wish they did a better job of matching the largest, most noticeable piece of clothing to that of the stuntman or the person in the stock footage who wore a white shirt while MacGyver had a blue one. Then sometimes it looks like he wears a white one under the blue one! And I couldn’t believe my eyes when he left the eagle alone outside on the ground when Darin’s dog, whom he previously saw barking at and wanting to get to them, could have been or most likely was running around loose! He was incredibly lucky. Also, when the goons turn up at the house, Curry provides a perfect example of how not to greet a dog.

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