1. 8/21/2015

    Regarding Carrie/Mary Beth, you’re right that she is deaf in real life. I got in touch with her for my Silent World post and she also noted that the actors playing the children were either deaf or hard of hearing.

  2. 2/13/2016

    Richards dream about Marlee Matlin is kinda meta-funny. If I remember correctly, Richard Dean Anderson and Marlee Matlin were dating around 1988 and Marlee is good friends with Henry Winkler…

  3. Rita

    A memorable episode, the one that grown on me perhaps the most. I didn’t used to like it because of what I thought were supernatural predictions not fitting the show’s genre and MacGyver’s views. I’m not sure why as now after the rewatch some of the most memorable quotes (besides “never laugh at what you don’t know”) are when both the doctor and MacGyver give perfect down-to-earth explanations (“Dreams come from what we’ve seen and what we’ve done”, “residue of the days events”, “the problem is retrieval”), and the one detail which didn’t come from her memories can be put down to coincidence.

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