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  1. Rita

    The part of the episode that stood out for me the most was MacGyver’s password breaking because in the Hungarian version Kate says, “I’m nowhere even close to being pretty, I’m an ugly duckling!” (she’s off the screen long enough for that), and, I thought, how stupid is that, saying it all out loud when she sees full well that he’s trying to guess it. Now I was surprised to see that originally she didn’t say it which of course much better on MacGyver but the Hungarian word for “ugly” in the novel’s translated name happens to be too uncommon in everyday spoken language to guess, a bit like if the English version was “The hideous duckling”. In any case, we see more hacking from him than from Kate as, disappointingly, not only she asks for the password but the agent tells her despite the demand that she shows them how she got in and if there were any more passwords (I’m not sure if he says access code or codes), we don’t see how she got around them.

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