1. 1/2/2016

    Until today, I’ve never seen the original version. MacGyver is speaking German, but the German dubbed version is very different – they play with Russian instead of German chlichés. MacGyver says: You’re an ass (Esel lit. = donkey)! I’m a Soviet Officer! And our Friends are waiting for us at home for a drink – the vodka is in the fridge and the caviar on ice!

    (“Sie sind ein Esel! Ich bin ein sowjetischer Offizier! Und wir werden von unseren Freunden zu Hause zum Umtrunk erwartet – der Wodka steht im Kühlschrank und der Kaviar liegt auf Eis!”)

    Greetings from Switzerland – home of the trusty Swiss Army Knife 😉

  2. Rita

    Andrea, this is a really interesting comment, thank you, I wondered what the German version was like and they did a good job of it!
    [the East German officers] “not Nazis but CLOSE ENOUGH”.
    “We English Americanise names all too often”
    Guys! MAD APPLAUSE for these two!!

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