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  1. Mike Lamb

    I can explain the bizarre boy & his wagon element of the ending. This, along with the overall theme of a religious statue being stolen at Christmas, is directly taken from an episode of Dragnet. I hadn’t remembered this episode of MacGyver, so after watching it a few months ago, I looked up the Dragnet episode that it pays homage to, and as it turns out, that episode was produced twice. Both the 1960’s run that I watched on Nick at Nite, and the original 1950’s run of Dragnet had a version.

    The A.V. Club has an article about the Dragnet episodes, and about how differently they can be perceived because of when they were made:

    The article also mentions another episode of Dragnet(which I’ve since watched) that sounds like prime MacGyver material, “The Big .22 Rifle For Christmas”, where a kid unwraps his Christmas present early, and accidentally kills his friend with it.

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