1. Hélène JOURDAN

    MacGyver n’est pas si facile à tuer (heureusement pour Lui et pour nous) !

  2. Rita

    There’s an interesting mistake when the bad guys are waiting in the car and Neilson, while waiting in the car, says “Colton is going to make the pickup”, as if he realised that Dana Elcar’s character is not Colson anymore and corrected himself mid-word. In the Hungarian dubbed version this was corrected to Thornton.
    I don’t know why Neilson didn’t try to help his case by explaining MacGyver the effects of the serum before he injected it while he was asking for the list and I liked that MacGyver refused without even asking in spite of his apprehension.
    I think when Neilson said that the serum was specifically designed for MacGyver, he meant components mixed in to cause disorientation and amnesia to rob him of his brain power.

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