1. Sergio

    the leather jacket is awesome indeed!

  2. Rita

    This episode, along with the Pilot and The Human Factor, would make an awesome computer game! In fact before I started watching, I was convinced that this is where MacGyver and the woman throw flaming balls of paper at heat seeking robots to make them shoot each other!
    A memorable opening gambit in spite of the stock footage and the ready-made props instead of MacGyverisms! When he says he’s the first to have attended his own funeral and lived to tell about it I always think, “and I was late from mine!” A few years ago Thorpe Park opened a new maze called The Passing. The ceiling of the first room was a large screen playing a video of people looking down, throwing handfuls of soil telling we were sinners just being buried and we were to get through the maze for redemption. It was all pretty spectacular and so popular that you had to book the time so they could let people in in small groups, and I missed mine and had to go in later!
    Murdoc’s board meeting is the best of the three and so much better than this one as unlike Quayle’s miserable boot-licking, he totally owns the place!

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