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  1. Rita

    It’s nice to see a late season one episode opening with so much of a Pilot opening gambit feel: MacGyver out on a rocky landscape on an assignment that involves defusing explosives, then he mentions that he hates heights and leaves flying. Even the voiceovers had almost the same accent. The outcome is less fortunate for him than in the pilot but the hang glider and the slingshot were impressive nevertheless.
    – To contact resistance.
    – You mean the bandits.
    – Bandits, of course. I keep forgetting.
    Bwah. Typical commie. ’56 freedom fighters? What freedom fighters? Counter-revolutionists!
    I think the “as long as we’re alive there’s still a chance” and “because I didn’t have to and that should be a reason enough for anybody” are great lines and that someone with gun drawn going at him, a woman and a child is definitely a “have to” category!

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