1. Mark

    This is one of my favorite “MacGyver” episodes of all (ranked #5 for me) but I have a few observations to share. First, how did Piedra know who the hit was and where the killing had to take place since MacGyver had to go intercept the briefcase with the instructions identifying the mark as Archbishop Fiero? Piedra escaped from the safehouse and immediately went to the church as if he knew the target.

    As far as the ending I have a couple of theories. I think we were supposed to believe the curare-tipped needle Piedra was holding between his clasped hands while MacGyver posed as the archbishop was deflected by the rosary hanging around MacGyver’s neck, and thus didn’t penetrate MacGyver’s skin. Still, pretty dumb for MacGyver to approach Piedra posing as the archbishop knowing that Piedra had a plan in place to assassinate the archbishop.

    Lastly, I think we were led to believe Piedra’s ultimate demise was from the same curare-tipped needle from the failed attempt on MacGyver inside the church, and based on the imagery of needle right through the middle of Piedra’s hand along with MacGyver’s “the wages of sin” ultimately befalling Piedra that he was the victim of divine intervention…..a crucifixion for daring to snuff out the archbishop in the home of God.

    Keep up the good work and looking forward to Friday podcasts in season 2, along with those great guest star interviews.

  2. Rita

    On the DVD the subtitles say “And you want to be sent out on a date”?, and reading it while listening makes it sound more like just a stretched “d” than a “do”. At the end of the watch shop fight, in accordance with the DVD’s subtitles, MacGyver asks Piedra “You give up?” just before Pete turns up. I agree that the knife catch with the mallet was a reverse shot, the knife’s string can just be seen against the dark frame of a clock in the background!

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