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  1. Rita

    The boat chase scene was spectacular. On first watch I thought there was another trio pursuing in a third boat as they show people who don’t look like any of those who boarded, for example, there’s a guy in a chequered jacket but in a yellow and black and not MacGyver’s red and black one, and a bald guy but with a very obvious moustache instead of Pete’s hat.
    Regarding to what Patrick said about his daughter feeling comfortable swaddled, I remember reading that this could be because something all the way around them reminds them of being inside. One of the benefits of babywearing too.
    In the Mythbusters lightbulb-filaments lockpicking, preparations (44s) and the actual lock picking (8s) took both MacGyver and Adam 52 seconds, the 50 minutes of the Mythbusters’ time were taken up by failed picking attempts of which MacGyver had none!

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