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  1. Rita

    Nice moves from MacGyver while getting in and sneaking around in the yard – an episode when he doesn’t land terribly from the smallest heights! In the later seasons he has a spectacular and very dangerous-looking way of climbing chainlink fences that do not have barbed wire on top.
    I liked that the brothers were brothers in real life though I don’t think they were as similar as Joey says. It’s good that Mac and Frank could run into the attic in Joey’s house as gunmen blocked the way to ground level on both of stairs, then they still had the dogs outside.
    I remembered the epic attic escape (my most liked zipline of the three in the series) but not the tow truck one which is now my favourite part of the episode as a unique chain of MacGyverisms! Usually they are to achieve one goal, but here his next step is based on how people react to his previous one. Felony or not, it’s brilliant, more like something you see in The Mentalist! Good trick with the dry ice too instead of just pulling the fire alarm which would have required him to enter the building and get reported. And this truck driver is the best MacGyver alter ego, move over, Dexter!

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