1. Hélène JOURDAN

    C’est un peu comme combattre le mal par un autre, mais ça fonctionne. 🙂

  2. Brett Herner

    The Hellfire episode also reminded me of the 1968 movie Hellfighters with Hopalong Cassidy (John Wayne). He has to put out the oil well fire with Dynamite.

  3. Rita

    I haven’t seen Wages of Fear but I like that the firefight was included here.
    Wikipédia’s Hungarian episode summary page has the following to say about the first MacGyverism: “Mac jury-rigs a fuse in an extremely inappropriate way, and as a result, the well catches fire the same evening.”
    While the the fix was indeed dangerous as you say, on first read I thought that the second part of the statement was just plain wrong as the lightbulbs didn’t blow due to overcharge but because the wind smashed them, but now I’m not so sure, would the charge in the bulbs have not been enough to spark an explosion without the fuse fix?
    And to answer Patrick, let’s recall what the Mythbusters had to say in their second episode (the famous “am I missing an eyebrow?” one!) about static charge and mobile phones at petrol stations: “A properly-working cell phone poses almost no danger of igniting gasoline, even when surrounded by gasoline vapor with the optimum fuel-air mix for ignition. The actual risk comes from an electrostatic discharge between a charged driver and the car, often a result of continually getting into and out of the vehicle. This myth was revisited in episode 14 and it was busted again.”

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