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  1. Rita

    When MacGyver checks Jimmy out on the computer, his file is shown for a moment on screen. It’s a proper write-up, not just a couple of repeating paragraphs, and it clarifies his supposed age and some other things:



    Born Jersey City, 1928. Earliest known arrest 1941. Has served a total of twenty six years in local, state and federal detention – the last ten years for extortion. Spent three years in professional baseball in the Boston Braves organisation. From 1955 through his arrest for extortion in 1976, Kendall has been rumoured to have been associated with the Charles ’Papa’ Chuck Banning crime family. Kendall’s exact role in that family is unclear, though it is assumed he has performed contract assassinations. Kendall’s base of operation has historically been the East Coast, though he has ventured west on several occasions.

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