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  1. Rita

    Ever since a psychologist told me most people want to commit suicide because they feel like people are better off without them, I don’t like when it’s implied that they’re inconsiderate towards friends and family, so I wish MacGyver brought Kelly’s one up with some other question than “did you forget about them?”. I liked MacGyver’s “you don’t go to people with your problems, you come to your friends” and Kelly’s “Well, you don’t always remember that” answer as MacGyver certainly didn’t at The Widowmaker!
    The race track trick reminds me of this 2008 special. He probably got the idea from a guy from his home town called Horace Batchelor. I must mention how friendly the two horses were at the stables, one sticks head out in perfects sync with MacGyver appearing from behind the corner. I liked the full circle camera spin at the end too but Pete and MacGyver are the rudest ever, ignoring Joanne while she’s talking to them and, as you described it very well, the plot is a mess, unfortunately.

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