1. Mac1977

    Mac uses chain wich hangs from his jeans backpocket not belt to make badguy fall in final karate battle.

  2. Rita

    Very cool diagram, Richard!
    A few years back I saw the Mythbusters trying MacGyver’s gunpowder lock blow and they had to change a number of things to get there. I think the first problem was that they couldn’t just unscrew the cartridges with fingers like MacGyver, then they had to use a lot more gunpowder and ignite it electronically (final verdict: busted). I love when they take on MacGyver. And the oil stains looked kind of good on him in a way of making him look like one very hard worker.
    “I remember the age when it was cool to be bad. Dumb age.” I really like this one because MacGyver has no problem admitting that we weren’t any better instead of the older generations’ knee-jerk moaning about the younger ones!

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