1. Jamil Omar Tamil

    MacGyver Fan

  2. Jonathan

    I’m McGyver fan since the serieis was start last 1985,

  3. 1/28/2015

    Nice job on the podcast, guys. I’m in for the long haul.

    Some additional information on “Alan Smithee,” which I hope reaches you before it comes up again with episode 5: it’s not just a matter of disliking the finished product, although that’s common. In order to use the pseudonym, a director must demonstrate clearly to the DGA (Director’s Guild of America) that the finished product was significantly different from the director’s vision. In other words, you can produce a steaming pile of garbage, but if it’s YOUR steaming pile of garbage, you’re stuck with it. As is the case the next time it comes up, it could be a truly great product, but if it’s not YOUR truly great product, you can have your name taken off of it.

  4. Sergio

    First of all, congratulations on your website/podcast, I just discovered it, and it looks really good.

    I am a big MacGyver fan of course, and I’m thinking in starting a rewatch of the series, with maybe using your podcasts as a companion piece.

    cheers from Portugal!

    • Patrick O'Riley

      Glad to have you on board!

  5. Rita

    I agree about the low-grade violence mentioned in your opening podcast, while people die in perhaps the majority of episodes, I think the violence is portrayed in a way that if you’re too young for it, you’re not old enough to understand the plot. This is why it annoys me to no end when CBS starts almost all episodes with the announcement, “and now action for the grown-ups as the following programme contains scenes unsuitable for children”. Let’s have the kids miss out on one of the nicest role models for no good reason :-/
    I liked both that MacGyver was prepared enough to have a specific kit to deactivate the missile but could also successfully improvise as soon as he needed to.
    Where can I find your characters sheet pdf?

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