1. 1/30/2015

    I’ve long maintained that MacGyver is what you get if you take The Doctor from “Doctor Who” and make him American. Hates guns, makes friends easily, wins the day by being extremely clever, travels often, etc. For those who are wondering, yes, the Terry Nation who wrote this opening gambit is the same Terry Nation who created the Daleks in 1963.

  2. Rita

    I too used to think he made a mistake waiting for the next guard at the sun rack but now I think he didn’t. He got free most likely when the guard fell asleep towards the end of his shift, so he was better off taking the next one out too as it could still have taken a bit longer for the others to notice the first one not returning than the second one rushing back with the news that MacGyver escaped. And look at 16:25-20:10 here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueDMYN2w884&index=9&list=PL7v_3mQVKgmirm4N6f82b_bRW6p3eejFe for Mac’s junkyard chase scene in this very cool nineties series!

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