1. Hélène JOURDAN

    Beautiful Mac, with his white barb become……..

  2. 2/21/2015

    Vernon Wells has a great voice – sounds just like Catlin from 30 years ago. Cool story about he and his wife seeing RDA in the supermarket. If there’s a neighborhood made up of MacGyver and all his former guest stars, I’d like to move there!

  3. Sergio

    What a treat to have Mr Wells in an interview! Congrats on that

    Another good podcast. keep it up guys


  4. Rita

    This is an episode I remembered quite well, some exact lines even, like the “You got the ring? Use it”. I thought the pearl MacGyver popped from it looked like a hideous piece of plastic the ring looked much better without!
    It’s nice to see MacGyver drinking A LITTLE. While the later episodes’ total abstinence is healthier, it always makes me think of it as a sign that the person is not confident in being able to drink in moderation. But here it looks like he simply doesn’t like the taste which is understandable, offer alcohol to someone young enough to not know that it’s supposed to be enjoyable and see how they like it…

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