1. 3/12/2015

    RDA spent some time as a street performer and mime so that’s probably where he got the juggling skills from.

  2. Rita

    I like that you point out both future and past appearances of the recurring actors, it saves the nagging “where did I see this one before…?”.
    I loved the memorably dark, tense atmosphere of this episode, set right at the start with the gun hidden around the corner, and it just builds from there, next with the writing in the mug which I thought was a clever idea. The black dot in palm would have come handy!
    The death of the guard was an utterly shocking demonstration of the threat level – here’s a guy who doesn’t mind to shoot someone just to get back at MacGyver for pushing the hot truck door on him!
    The nearly successful escape was an edge-of-the-seat minute, not any less than the one on the boat in Along Came a Spider, and even the shooting of the fisherman to death was a similar kind of bitter surprise to the death of the truck guard. If you like “MacGyver”, you’re likely to like Along Came a Spider. Megan is absolutely awesome, comes up with one ingenious yet simple MacGyver-like solution after another and refuses to give up trying no matter how dangerous and hopeless the situation is.
    I was surprised to see that the cook didn’t get shot for the escape attempt as I remembered, then I realised that was in a film called Playing Dangerous. Again, MacGyver fans are recommend to check it out. It’s an action movie with formidable villains who shot the cook after taking the family hostage just to ensure they are taken seriously, so ignore comparisons to Home Alone!

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