1. 5/29/2015

    Great interview with Pamela Roylance — really interesting to hear her explanation of how that extra scene was added in. One other piece of trivia about this episode that I learned from Kandel was that some of the footage was taken from the movie “Gandhi.”

    • Patrick O'Riley

      They did a pretty good job matching in both situations. I didn’t even notice the Gandhi stuff. Maybe when a bluray transfer drops it’ll be more obvious.

  2. Rita

    From Andrea’s response it looks like MacGyver made the bit up about thwarting a war as something that sounds inflated enough to someone who doesn’t know that his missions could actually have this level of importance to let her know that she was overly inquisitive.
    I liked the homemade “lie” detector, and it demonstrates why I wouldn’t consent to a test regardless if I’m guilty or not. It can only detect stress, not the reason for it, and knowing that of course I would set it off at the worst time!
    Andy’s escape attempt in to the middle of nowhere reminds me of a funny scene from the second episode of Jonathan Creek, when Jonathan susses out that Maddy’s driving him down on a countryside lane to get him to solve a murder mystery, so he demands that she stops the car immediately. After he gets out and she drives off, he starts to look increasingly worried as there’s nothing but crops to see and nothing but birds’ chirping and cows’ mooing to hear. In the next scene, he’s back in the car with Maddy, grudgingly asking her where they should start the investigation…

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