1. 6/6/2015

    Great interview! Kristina seems like a really sweet lady. Quite a story about how she was blackballed by the producer who wanted her for a girlfriend — good for her for not giving in. Fun to hear some Octopussy tidbits too — that’s my 2nd favorite Roger Moore Bond movie after Live and Let Die.

  2. Rita

    The biggest winners were the elaborate MacGyverisms-packed escape (reminded me more of the tow truck trick than Borza prison) and his quick advancing of status inside as a way towards it (a bit like in The Shawshank Redemption), with an amazingly chilled-out attitude like when he’s casually chatting with Khan in his office (it looks so little like a cell that I used to think he was the head of the prison until the commandant threatened him!) while knowing that a wrong move could cost him his life!

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