1. Hélène JOURDAN

    The first Episodes of MacGyver are charming and awesome !

  2. javier

    Un gran capitulo..me encata, el villano cuyo nombre no me acuerdo en este momento aparece en un capitulo creo de la tercera temporada, nicolai que termina preso por el comisionado Mesi

  3. MacFan

    Would love to know who dubbed her voice, it sounds very familiar.

  4. Rita

    I was really looking forward to rewatch this episode as the one set in my little home country, and it was mostly likeable. Of course at ten years of age I knew nothing about the car chase taken from The Italian job and was very impressed. They kind of got away with the flags as colours are the same in reverse order, but I still noticed how different all the cars looked from the Eastern Bloc ones, even though in Hungary the show only started to air in 1990 once the commies were finally out. And the nearest neighbouring country to Budapest was also a communist one, perhaps that’s why the Austrian border crept 150 miles closer…
    Seeing the episode now with original language, I’m surprised to hear that even the supposedly Hungarian Messic pronounced Budapest wrong! The “u” should be like in put, not “oo”, “yu” or “yoo” (think of Buddha), and the “s” is like in sugar (or imagine the “h” after it). And I wonder what the “FORGALOMFEN EL HATALOM” meant to be on the traffic lights’ control box, it translates as “TRAFFICFEN AWAY AUTHORITY”. “Fen” is not a Hungarian word and the third word, presumably taken from a dictionary instead of asking one of the many Hungarians on set, is a kind of control applicable to people or organisations and not the box.
    In the pub I think it’s paprika what MacGyver sets on fire, after he reveals his ignorance about the Hungarian gulyás in a short scene that luckily got cut from the short version. I remembered the hairpin-magnifier but not that it didn’t work – I tried it as a kid but I had no hairpin or anything similar available so I used a bottle of water instead and had much better results!

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